Proposals/Photo Shoot Setups

Planning a proposal whilst in Santorini?  We’re on hand to help with either the perfect, tailor made romantic set up using some of our pieces or alongside that we can also help with the overall planning.
Taking advance of a portrait shoot as part of your event photography package?  Contact us to see how we can enhance that experience with prop set ups that complement the landscape; adding depth for some outstanding shots!

Image Credits: 1-3 – Styling: Weddings & Whimsy.  Image Credit: North2South Photographers  4 – Styling: Weddings & Whimsy. Image Credit: Thanasis Kaiafas.  5 – Planning & Styling: Venetsanos Winery. Image Credit: Phosart. 6 – Styling: Weddings & Whimsy.  7 – Styling: Weddings & Whimsy. Image Credit: Ventouris Photography.  8 – Styling: Weddings & Whimsy. 9 – Styling: Weddings & Whimsy.